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How to Water Your Grass

Posted on August 8, 2012

It is important to have a plan set in place to help determine how often you are going to water your lawn. This plan has to be adhered to at all times due to the fact that if you go from watering consistently to never watering and back again, you will be effecting the lawn’s abilities to absorb nutrients. Without the ability to absorb, the grass will have nothing to feed off of and eventually die even with proper water treatment given.

  • The season will bring about a collection of warm days that will have kids going to the pool or playing in the backyard. Your grass does not need to be watered immediately at this point. The first sign of brown blades in your lawn as well as indentations from shoes left on the lawn will be telltale signs that watering can now begin. These signs usually state that the lawn is in a stressful situation and at this point will properly absorb anything to effectively revive itself.

  • When watering a lawn, make sure that the grass is completely soaked through so that all the moisture gets in the grass as well as seeps down into the soil and the roots. Once this is done, however, you shouldn’t have to run through this process again for another couple of days. Watering on an over-consistent basis will promote crab grass and weeds that will lead to extra lawn maintenance in the long run.

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